Patents & Standards

With the lead of  Marco Brambilla, I co-authored the Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML), now approved in beta as a standard modeling language by the OMG ( IFML is a UML-based modeling language for representing the interfaces of web, mobile and desktop applications, which supports code generation and model checking. 


With Stefano Ceri and colleagues of the SeCo ERC Project I’m co-author of the Patent “METHOD FOR EXTRACTING, MERGING, AND RANKING SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS” Patent No.: US 8,180,768 B2, May 15, 2012. (See the patent)

With Stefano Ceri, I am co-author of a patent (owned by Politecnico, granted in Italy, Nr. MI99 A 001534, Europe and US) on the WebML conceptual modeling language.  The patent describes the syntax and semantics of a novel XML-based language for describing Web applications, which is the base for developing new-generation CASE tools for multi-device, personalised hypertextual applications.

The first commercial exploitation agreeement has been signed in July 1999 between Politecnico di Milano and TXT e-solutions (, an Italian IT company floated on the Italian Stock Market on July 12th, 2000. WebML has been incorporated into the Polymedia tool suite, one of the main product lines of TXT e-solutions.


A second commercial exploitation agreement has been signed with Digia Oy (, a Finland based company operating in the field of wireless applications.